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Heroes' Tale Card Art

Various pieces and development concepts I did a while ago for a rpg card game called Heroes' Tale.

Shaun ellis dualwieldillustrationfinal

Dual Wield card illustration

Shaun ellis dualwieldsketchessheet

Dual Wield color roughs

Shaun ellis chainmailillustrationfinal

Chain mail equipment card illustration

Shaun ellis chainmailshetchessheet

Chain mail color roughs

Shaun ellis longbowillustrationfinal

Longbow equipment card illustration

Shaun ellis bowshetchessheet

Longbow color roughs and designs

Shaun ellis platearmor illustrationfinal

Plate Armor equipment card illustration

Shaun ellis platearmorshetchessheet

Plate Armor equipment sketches

Shaun ellis sleeppowderillustrationfinal

Sleep Powder item card illustration

Shaun ellis sleeppowdershetchessheet

Sleep Powder color roughs

Shaun ellis cenmatarsheet

Fantasy race Cenmatar visual explorations

Shaun ellis caltakasheet

Fantasy race Caltaka visual explorations